Time spent with an animal, is never time wasted.

Who We Are

Marley’s Mutts UK – Dog Training & Pet Services was founded by Halina, following her accreditation in April 2017 as a VSA-Certified Dog Trainer. Every membership organisation or professional body we belong to, ensures we not only use Force Free and Positive Reinforcement training methods, but equipment too. Dog’s learn far better when they are having fun and rewarded for their good behaviour, rather than being punished for their bad behaviour. This means, we only use scientific backed, kind and ethical training methods.

We can’t imagine life without our dog’s, owning a dog is very rewarding but can also be hard work at times. We have come to expect so much from them, so you may need some advice and support in ensuring they have the life skills they need to succeed. We provide you with the tools to do just that, so not only are you able to live your best life, but so is your dog.

At Marley’s Mutts, we have one priority: providing the very best treatment and care for the dog’s we work with. That goes hand in hand with providing the very best care and support to the guardians we work with. All staff are insured, DBS checked, understand dog body language and are trained in Canine First Aid. Our staff are always conducting further education and training and continuing with their professional development to ensure we maintain our high standards. We are always learning as dog professionals. We are the students, the dogs are our teachers.

Our Services

We offer bespoke Dog Training & Behaviour Modification programs which are tailored to your individual needs; One 2 One Training & Coaching sessions; Positive Puppy programs, helping you provide them with the best start in life; Training Walks, perfect for anxious/nervous dogs or lead reactive dogs and a Day Training service, where we train them for you.

We offer Solo Dog Walks which are ideal for puppies or the older dog, so they get 121 attention and a walk at their own pace; a Premium Dog Walking Service, suited to 2 dogs from the same household, anxious / nervous dogs who are not happy in larger groups; and Adventure Treks, where we pack as much into 90 minutes as we can. All our walks are filled with fun, adventure and canine enrichment. We believe there is a dog walk for every dog, and that every dog shall have it’s day.

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