Day Training

What if we could train your dog for you?


Our Day Training services could be exactly what you are looking for. Want your dog to walk on a loose lead, not lunge and bark at passing dogs or people; come when called; or simply have better manners out and about or at home?

We offer a number of packages where we provide One 2 One Training & Coaching for your dog or new puppy. We coach and support you, while you train your dog. This is my preferred training method as everyone is involved from the start, but it does take time, commitment and consistency on your part too. We fully appreciate that it isn’t for everyone, and that you are busy; you are probably stressed; you are trying to work from home; you are trying to get to the office; you are probably struggling with algebra, to not only help the kids with their homework, but to teach it to them as well. Life is hard. Time is precious. Your time is valuable. We can help.

Day Training packages are similar to the dog training & behaviour modification packages we offer. We still have the initial consultation and discuss what your concerns are and put together a bespoke training plan, but instead of us working together while you train your dog, we train your dog for you. We have transfer sessions along the way, so everyone is up to speed and a final session at the end, so we are all on the same page. By then, you will be in a great position to continue on your own, knowing you have us to contact for support if need be.

The Day Training sessions take place in your home, unless agreed otherwise, or if we are working on a specific behaviour, for example, loose lead walking, we may use a combination of Day Training and Training Walks.

Training Walks are a perfect fit if your dog is nervous or anxious around traffic; doesn’t like being on a lead; is lead reactive to bikes, cars, joggers or other dogs, for example; or pulls your arm out its socket as he is either in mid lunge, or is so excited to get to his destination he has lost it! You are yanking on his lead, shouting at him to heal and getting nowhere. We’ve all done it, and we’ve all seen it. But this can be very stressful to the both of you, and all that happens is you get more stressed and he get’s more anxious and the behaviour increases. You start to dread the walks, he feeds off your emotions and so the cycle continues. I know, trust me. I have been there myself. But I promise you, he isn’t trying to be stubborn, to embarrass you or to show you who the boss is. There is always a reason for the dog’s behaviour. We just haven’t figured it out yet.

It often stops being about the dog walk, stops being about him being over threshold, or too nervous or anxious and becomes about you. Becomes about what others might think, becomes about how you feel, and that’s OK. That is completely normal.

We can help you. We will work together to find out what is causing these his behaviour; work out what he is trying to tell us and put a training and management plan in place. In time he will get more confident and less anxious. You will be less stressed and with our support, be able to enjoy your walks together again.

Any training takes time. The dog is the only expert here, so sometimes we have to go back a few steps to where they are more comfortable and start again.

We provide FREE follow on support over the telephone and online and can book in further transfer sessions if needed. Let me be real. You still have some work to do during the programme, and once its finished, but it takes away the commitment of trying to fit in training sessions at certain times each week, when you literally just don’t have the time.

If the dog is too over threshold, exhibits behavioural concerns or may be in pain, he won’t be able to learn and so a Veterinary referral may be needed before we can begin.

Day Training Packages available – please contact us for prices

Training Walks – £45 for 45 minutes (packages available)

Dog’s are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”

Roger Caras

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