Dog Walking

We offer a range of dog walking services tailored to you and your dog’s needs. Solo Dog Walks; Premium Dog Walks; and Adventure Treks. We only use kind and ethical training and walking equipment. We do not believe group walks are for every dog and that there is a dog walk for every dog, and that every dog should have its day.

All walks are carried out by a Certified Dog Trainer, qualified in canine first aid, DBS checked and fully insured.

Solo Dog Walks

These are ideal for those dogs who need that extra attention and to be able to enjoy a walk on their own, at their own pace. These are especially suited to dogs who pull on lead or can be reactive; puppies; older dogs; dogs recovering from surgery or illness who need to go slow; dogs who are anxious or nervous on lead, or simply those who don’t feel comfortable in a group walk.

The walk is tailored to your dog’s individual needs, a ‘sniff’ walk, a road walk, a run in the park (on or off lead) or

30 minutes – £20

60 minutes -£30

Premium Dog Walks

These are perfect for two dogs from the same household; or dogs who are fine with other dogs, just not comfortable in a group setting.

Again the service is tailored to your dogs individual needs and the 60 minute walk varies from a ‘sniff’ walk; road walk; park run; or a ‘free run’ in a secure field, which is ideal if reliable recall is not always 100% reliable, your dog can be reactive or you have a squirrel chaser. (The secure field incurs an extra hire charge of £5 per dog).

£25 per dog

* Discount available for two dogs from the same household

Adventure Treks

More than a ‘just a walk in the park’ the Adventure Treks are 90 minutes of fun, adventure and canine enrichment. We only go Monday and Friday mornings and have limited spaces available, due to popular demand. We use ‘free work’, we engage, we play, we train, we trek, we calm and we rest.

We start and end your dog’s week with mental & physical stimulation; lots of fun, adventure and canine enrichment. Each week is a new adventure and your dog will return home happy and tired. Please only book dogs that are happy to travel by car as although travelling times vary each week, it’s never a quick run to the park.

£40 per dog

Happy dogs make Happy owners.

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